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SHIFT’s Sweet 16 at the Bell Ringer Awards

Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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    In a single evening, SHIFT’s stellar work was recognized by the Publicity Club of New England with a total of 16 Bell Ringer Awards. That’s right: 16! Let that sink in for a minute.

There are good days, and then there are great days. June 9 was one of them. In a single evening, SHIFT’s stellar work was recognized by the Publicity Club of New England with a total of 16 Bell Ringer Awards.

Every year, the Publicity Club of New England, the region’s oldest professional organization for public relations, communications, special events, and marketing professionals, honours the people who leverage unique and creative strategies, tactics and tools to achieve meaningful results for their clients and companies. At this year’s Bell Ringer Awards ceremony, held in Boston on June 9, our SHIFT colleagues received 16 awards, more than any other agency honored.

This industry recognition is a testament to SHIFT’s outstanding talent and creativity, and shows just how rewarding and influential the practice of public relations can be today.

Here is SHIFT’s fruitful award collection, recognizing the firm’s excellence in client campaigns across the technology, consumer, healthcare and professional services markets:

  • Gold Bell – Response to Breaking News, "Bringing Order to Data Breach Chaos" for IDT911
  • Gold Bell – Media Event, "Foxwoods Takes a Bow with Cirque Éloize iD" for Foxwoods Resort Casino
  • Gold Bell – Corporate or Agency Blog, "Data-Driven Blogging Drives Audiences and Revenue" for SHIFT Communications (check out SHIFT's award-winning blog)
  • Silver Bell – Graphic Identity, "New CSR Graphic Identity Empowers Positive Change for an Established Brand" for ERA Real Estate
  • Silver Bell – Social Media Campaign, "Amplifying the #HIMSS15 Conversation" for Health Information Management Systems & Society          
  • Silver Bell – Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign, "Bringing All Day Breakfast to Boston" for McDonald's
  • Silver Bell – Hospitality/Travel/Entertainment Campaign, "Securing Mile High Travel Coverage" for OnCall International
  • Silver Bell – Product/Service Publicity High-Tech Campaign, "When World's Collide – Embracing Virtual Reality" for YouVisit
  • Bronze Bell – Response to Breaking News, "Merger Mania: A Perfect Storm" for Decision Resources Group
  • Bronze Bell – High-Tech Launch Campaign, "Leaving a Paper Trail of Media Success" for Mcor
  • Bronze Bell – B2B Campaign, "Taking a Page from an Open Book" for Red Hat
  • Bronze Bell – Healthcare Campaign, "Crowdsourcing Opinions & Cures" for Sermo
  • Merit Award – Digital or Print Feature Article or Commentary Placement in a National Publication, "Kicking off with the CEO's Dream Hit" for Purch
  • Merit Award – Product/Service Publicity Consumer Campaign, "The British Are Coming: Introducing TransferWise to the U.S." for Transferwise
  • Merit Award – On a Shoestring Campaign, "Putting TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals on the Map" for TripAdvisor

In addition, SHIFT Account Director, Jennifer Toole, was honored with the 2016 Ringer Award, given to New England's Mid-Level Practitioner of the Year.

Congrats to all our amazing SHIFT team members!

For more info, check out the official news release.

About the Bell Ringer Awards

The Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Awards, also known as “The Bells,” recognize excellence in communications and public relations work in every field and industry, across all forms of media. The awards honor the communications and PR professionals who leverage unique and creative strategic, tactics, and tools to achieve meaningful results for their clients, companies, organizations, and institutions.


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