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Record Food Drive for "Marchands de Bonheur"

Posted Friday, December 22, 2017

  • On the picture, from left to right, Isabelle Tremblay, trustee, François Blais, Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity and Member for Charlesbourg, Marc Picard, owner of Métro Plus Beauport, Julie-Anne Vien and Jean-François Tremblay, respectively, trustee and president of Les Amis de Samuel Foundation with their son Noah Tremblay. (Photo Credit: Francis Bouchard)

A little magic and a well-stocked fridge for 145 underprivileged families in the greater Quebec City area

Our partner Julie-Anne Vien continues her community involvement with young underprivileged children in the Quebec City area through the Fondation Les Amis de Samuel created by her family in 2009.

A large food drive called “Marchands de Bonheur” took place yesterday morning, at the wee hours, when most Quebec City residents were sleeping. An army of volunteers, big smile on their face, answered the call to help les Amis de Samuel, and showed up at dawn at the Métro Plus Beauport for a record food drive operation that was successfully managed, military style! The mission: to fill up the fridge for 145 underprivileged students from 15 elementary and high schools from the greater Quebec City area and to become agents of happiness for a moment. This spirit of generosity translated to the distribution of food baskets with a value of $250 to families representing 600 people.

This was the 8th year for this food drive and smiles and sparkly eyes were everywhere.

« Even today, too many children are hungry, and this prevents them from growing normally and developing to their full potential. We are particularly proud to see so many donors and volunteers to support our family foundation, year after year and to generously give for these children to bloom and succeed academically. Such a food drive gives Christmas its true sense and proves that giving is a blessing », declared Julie-Anne Vien.


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