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Recognizing NATIONAL’s Great Achievers

Posted Monday, February 15, 2016

  • IMG-Achievement-Tor

    Toronto winners: Neil Anderson, Diana McLachlan, Kim West, Marjorie Cliche and Aishling Rose Durnin

  • IMG-Achievement-Mtl

    Montreal winners: Gabriel Beauséjour, Marc Poisson, Stephanie Lyttle, Hélène Losier, David Veillette and Boris Ung

  • IMG-Achievement-Qc

    Quebec city winners: Yvan Loubier and Juliane Landry, posing with Managing Partner Luc Ouellet and Partners Julie-Anne Vien and Martin Daraiche.

  • IMG-Achievement-Cal

    Calgary winners: Nancy Arab and Neil Babaluk

  • IMG-Achievement-Hal

    Halifax winners: Darcie Muise, Chrystiane Mallaley, Laurel Taylor and Stephanie McGrath

  • IMG-Achievement-NY

    New York winners Mark Khan and Anthony Melito pose with Managing Partner Mario Nacinovich (center).

  • IMG-Achievement-Van

    Vancouver winners: Dolores Sebellin and Alex McMillan

  • IMG-Achievement-Lon

    London winners: Rachel Perkins, Ronnie Henderson, Jules Cheetham, Andy Monk and Elisabeth Mozel-Jury (absent from photo: Karley Ura)

  • IMG-Achievement-Karley

    Karley Ura, winner of the Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award in London

NATIONAL Public Relations has a long standing tradition of presenting the NATIONAL Achievement Awards, which recognize employees whose contributions reinforce the Firm’s values and vision and promote the Firm’s growth and leadership position in public relations. Nominated by their colleagues, deserving award recipients are recognized in five categories for their outstanding achievements during special ceremonies held in January and February across the network.

Winners across the network were honoured during special celebrations held at their respective offices during the months of January and February.

The 2015 local award winners are:



International employee recognition awards

Every year, the Firm also presents international employee recognition awards underlining exceptional accomplishments.

Awarded to the local winner with the most outstanding profile, the Luc-Beauregard Award – which honours the memory our Firm’s founding chairman – was this year presented to the Halifax office’s Darcie Muise, Traffic and Production Manager. “Not only is Darcie appreciated by her peers but she exudes the qualities we always look for in a professional,” said Valérie Beauregard, Executive Vice-President. “Her internal counsel, her productivity, her attention to detail, her dedication to always aim higher and her exemplary community engagement speak volumes about the person that she is. She certainly seems to have found the magic solution for balancing work and personal time.”

Last but certainly not least…

Awarded to the candidate who best represents the Firm’s values, the NATIONAL Way Award was presented to our esteemed colleague Kim West, Partner and Chief Client Officer.

“Beyond being a great communications practitioner, as demonstrated by her successful career in consulting, Kim is a great leader, always looking out for her clients’ and colleagues’ best interests,” said Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO, when he presented the award to Kim in Toronto. “Her ability to help secure some of the Firm’s biggest clients speaks to her abilities as a trusted advisor, and her ongoing community involvement actively contributes to building NATIONAL’s brand and reputation. Her invaluable contributions demonstrate why she is so deserving of this award.”

Keep an eye out for the special profile we’ll feature here on website in the coming days to highlight Kim’s exceptional contribution to the Firm.

Congratulations to all the 2015 winners!


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