Guillaume Fillion

Senior Consultant

From conception to completion, a project’s success requires skilled navigation through many political, regulatory and social dangers. Your objectives are reached efficiently through a respected brand image, firm social acceptance, and effective communications. Good preparation and the execution of a sound strategy are essential. An experienced consultant and analyst, Guillaume Fillion has worked many years with elected officials and policy makers. The decision-making process, the stakeholders involved and the communication of those decisions hold no secrets for him. During this time, he advised Quebec’s first female Prime Minister on matters related to forestry, mining, energy, agriculture, the environment and northern and regional development. Guillaume has also advised Quebec officials at the provincial and municipal levels on major economic and financial issues, in particular within Québec’s federation of municipalities. He will use his astute political reflexes and sound judgement to guide you toward attaining your goals while avoiding crises. He was actively involved in implementing new forestry and mining policies, developing wind energy, establishing the first agricultural policy in Quebec in 30 years, drafting a transport electrification strategy, as well as managing numerous crises within the government. Guillaume has developed a formidable arsenal of skills in communications and public relations through his experience. He can reach out to the wide breadth of contacts he developed over the years to help you lay the groundwork and remove potential obstacles. Protecting and developing the brand image are among the skills he wishes to put at your service. Professionalism, judgement, loyalty, rigour, curiosity and a quick grasp of the issues make Guillaume a valued ally for your project.

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