Tammy Alamrieh

Associate Consultant

Tammy is an Associate Consultant with the Ottawa office of NATIONAL Public Relations and is excited to bring her experience, enthusiasm, and connections to her new home of Ottawa.
Tammy enjoys conducting campaigns, geared towards strategically analyzed market segmentation and audiences. Through her experience working for both non-profit and private organizations, as well as provincial and federal politics, Tammy has honed her skills in social media marketing, web-content creation, audience segmentation analytics, and strategic communications.
A self-proclaimed people lover and over-analyzer, Tammy thrives in interpersonal situations, where she gets to speak and better understand the person, or client, face-to-face.
With a passion for politics, Tammy spent two years as her local political riding’s Publicity and Public Relations Director, and has taken leading positions in campaign management in federal politics. She also sat on the board of her Party’s provincial youth wing and acted as a driving force on her campus for getting students engaged in politics.
Tammy has her master’s degree in Political Management from Carleton University and holds a Bachelor of Public Relations degree, minoring in Marketing, from Mount Saint Vincent University.

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