Marc Lakmaaker

Director, Investor Relations, NATIONAL Equicom

Marc is an industry veteran with over fifteen years’ experience in financial and corporate communications, corporate finance, marketing, and company management in North America, Europe and Asia.
A founding member of Thomson Financial’s TMT practice, he took on more diversified in-house and consulting roles, before setting up his own practice in Switzerland. Following his move to Canada, Marc joined Equicom, now part of NATIONAL.
Marc is a strong proponent of brand building, both in communicating with the capital markets and a company’s operational environment. He has helped clients develop and build sustainable brands, based on clearly defined strategies that incorporate positioning, messaging, materials development and strong programme execution.

Marc speaks Dutch, English, German and French, eats lots of cheese, occasionally wears orange, loves soccer, plays golf (poorly) and has an interest in arts and music. He holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.