Anne Stevenson

Senior Content Strategist

Anne Stevenson is a Senior Content Strategist at NATIONAL’s Toronto office. Whether it be crafting compelling narratives, building robust content calendars, or developing paid media strategies, Anne’s social and traditional media expertise produces results. Always plugged in, she has a passion for keeping on top of trending topics and updates on social platform capabilities to further her hunt for unique content opportunities.
Anne’s experience spans multiple industries, including consumer packaged goods, insurance, retail, energy, and transportation, working on many well known companies operating in Canada. Prior to joining NATIONAL, Anne worked at PepsiCo Beverages Canada and Aviva Canada in their Communications Departments.
Anne has a hunger for expanding her knowledge-base and continually enrolls in classes to develop new skills. She is Google Analytics certified and has completed training at the Content Marketing Institute. Recently, she has completed her Google AdWords Fundamentals training and is currently working towards certification.

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