Leo Artalejo

Chief Storyteller and Senior Counsel

Leo is a communications strategist who believes the right story at the right time can change the world. He draws on two decades of experience using compelling narratives to help Fortune 500 companies, international foundations and non-profit organizations tell their stories to the world. Former clients include Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Target, Avanade, Seattle International Foundation, Global Washington and many others. Before joining NATIONAL, he served as an executive speechwriter at Microsoft, giving voice to Microsoft Windows and ensuring integrated consistent messages to audiences as diverse as software developers, financial analysts, computer manufacturers and lawmakers. At Microsoft for 12 years, he led a broad range of software and business development efforts, driving customer and partner outreach and serving as a technology spokesperson through the rise of the Internet and both the dot com and dot bomb periods.
With his background in strategic messaging and platform marketing in the technology world, coupled with extensive international travel experience, Leo brings a global perspective to his communications work. He is a passionate storyteller with a unique talent for expressing complex ideas in clear and straightforward ways. His approach to marketing communications starts by clarifying the basic questions of "Who do we need to reach?" and "What is the root narrative we want to communicate?"

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