Kevin McCann


If Kevin was a venn diagram, there would be three large, overlapping circles: digital strategy, communications strategy, technology strategy. Kevin would be smiling happily from within the nexus of these three circles, since that’s where he has been doing great work for years.
For over a decade, he has been creating persuasive online campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, governments and associations in both the United States and Canada. He cut his teeth as head of development at Grassroots Enterprise in Washington DC (from 2002 to 2010) and went on to lead both the strategic communications and technology offerings for the company. After working closely with major public relations firms on national and international mandates, Kevin moved to Halifax, where he leads digital strategy as Partner in our Atlantic offices.
Colleagues and clients say he has a knack for providing value from many perspectives: from communications strategist to developer, project manager to researcher, senior manager to communications coach. He’s been honoured to work with great clients on award-winning efforts and gets immense satisfaction from deriving clarity from the complex.

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