Alex McMillan


Alex McMillan draws from nearly a decade of diverse experience in government and politics to provide strategic public affairs counsel and a range of client services, including issues management, stakeholder relations, and media and government relations to a variety of clients.
Alex has first-hand experience across a number of sectors and policy areas including infrastructure development, economic development, up-stream and down-stream oil and gas, sustainability, clean energy and healthcare.
He plays an important role with NATIONAL’s Public Affairs team, developing and implementing strategic communications and public affairs plans, media and stakeholder engagement plans and government relations strategies. As a political advisor, Alex has provided counsel to Premiers, Cabinet Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly. As a civil servant he has supported Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers in preparing and delivering a variety of government policies and initiatives.
Alex brings extensive knowledge and experience of the budgeting and legislative processes in British Columbia. Prior to joining NATIONAL, he worked closely with diverse business leaders from across the province to deliver a multi-million dollar awareness and education campaign and was responsible for the largest direct public consultation exercise ever undertaken by the BC Government.
Alex is a graduate of University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, focusing on BC public policy.