Daniella McCrorie

Director of Innovation

Daniella’s energetic and thoughtful approach is the key to success for every project she leads. With her vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry and wealth of knowledge in the digital healthcare landscape, Daniella brings confidence and expertise to every program she spearheads.
Daniella’s passion for digital communications has contributed to the expansion of AXON’s service offerings. One of her key strengths is her ability to be innovative while still meeting important pharmaceutical guidelines. Her experience with AXON not only lays with digital communications as she has contributed to the development and implementation of comprehensive global recruitment, retention, and educational programs in therapeutic areas such as cardiology, pain, diabetes, hemostasis, and multiple sclerosis.
Daniella graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA (Hons.) in English and Sociology. Her positive attitude, professionalism, and commitment to success are a testament to the values that exemplify the AXON experience.

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