Marie-Christine Vasseur


Marie-Christine’s work at NATIONAL has enabled her to develop varied experience in brand management, social media, research and information management, and event planning. Known for her meticulousness, her penchant for a job well done and her sense of responsibility, Marie-Christine has helped win numerous business development projects in sectors ranging from aerospace to real estate.
Fastidious and well organized, she participated in organizing and presenting news conferences for Homburg, Bellus Health, Tremblant Forum (an initiative of NATIONAL Public Relations) and the Yellow Pages Group. She has also worked on several aspects of branding for HEC and the LHJMQ to make the brands relevant, valued and recognized.
Marie-Christine uses the full power of social media to the client’s advantage. Whether product launches, restaurant openings or other branding activities, Marie-Christine has mastered the art of marketing support programs to build brand awareness for clients such as McDonald’s: she’s loving it!

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