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Prestigious CMP Designation for NATIONAL’s Nancy Arab

Posted Friday, May 06, 2016

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Congratulations are in order for Nancy Arab, Vice-President at NATIONAL’s Calgary office, as she just received her Communications Management Professional (CMP) designation.

Nancy completed the certification process through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) initiative, and is one of only 37 people in the world with this designation, and the first in the NATIONAL family.

Achieving certification from the GCCC demonstrates proficiency in five professional competence domains:

  • Ethics
  • Consistency and Strategic Implementation
  • Research and Analysis
  • Strategy and Engagement
  • Measurement

The 2016 CMP graduates represent only the second round of communicators to be certified. In 2015, IABC launched a new certification program to create and maintain an internationally recognized standard of communications excellence based on a global understanding of key principles and job competencies worldwide. IABC believes that, while honoring the history and understanding gained from the ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) program, the newly introduced certification is developed to be in keeping with ISO (17024), an international standard for professional certifications.

Congratulations Nancy on your latest achievement!

More information about the IABC CMP certification program can be found on their website


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