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Oops, We Did It Again – NATIONAL Wins a 2016 CPRS Award of Excellence

Posted Thursday, June 02, 2016

  • IMG-CPRS-Award-2016

    (From left): Carolyn Santillan, NATIONAL Public Relations; Manon Genin, Pfizer Canada; and Peter Glazier, Ontario Lung Association.

Tuesday night, NATIONAL won an award for the Grounded: Pneumonia Vaccine Awareness campaign at the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Awards Gala. Our team received a 2016 CPRS Award of Excellence for Canadian Media Relations Agency Campaign of the Year.

The announcement came during the final evening of the World Public Relations Forum in Toronto, just a few weeks after the same campaign earned an IABC OVATION award.

“We’re thrilled to receive a second award for this fantastic campaign from two prestigious communications institutions,” said Joanna Wilson, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at NATIONAL’s Toronto office. “This recognition is a testament to our best teams approach. Research, Creative, Analytics and Insights, and our account team were critical to driving the success of the campaign, collaborating with our clients from start to finish.”

To mark World Pneumonia Day in 2015, NATIONAL in partnership with Pfizer Canada and the Ontario Lung Association launched an unbranded awareness campaign about the importance of adult vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia, featuring Canadian football legend Michael “Pinball” Clemons. Specifically, we generated media coverage about this important health topic, highlighting the seriousness of the disease, the potential long-term impact on the quality of life for seniors, and the availability of a vaccine that may prevent pneumonia.

The team includes Joanna Wilson, Carolyn Santillan, Elma Foric, Natalie Dyck, Brian Langerfield, Julien Coulter, Rick Maddalena and Jay Virani.


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