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One-on-One with the 2016 Luc Beauregard Award Winner

Posted Monday, February 13, 2017

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    Nicole Antonio, who won a local Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award in addition to the Luc-Beauregard Award, is joined by AXON UK Managing Partner Miranda Dini, RES PUBLICA President and CEO Jean-Pierre Vasseur, NATIONAL International Managing Partner Raplh Sutton, and RES PUBLICA Executive Vice-President Valérie Beauregard.

Nicole Antonio, Medical Writer at AXON UK, is not only the 2016 Luc Beauregard Award recipient, she’s also one of the youngest winners to have received this distinction since its inception over 15 years ago. When Valérie Beauregard, Executive Vice-President at RES PUBLICA, made the trip to London to present the award to Nicole in person, she took over her father Luc Beauregard’s tradition and sat down with Nicole to talk about her career and aspirations.

Valérie Beauregard: Nicole, you're a PhD who did lab research after you received your diploma. What led you to the world of communications?

Nicole Antonio: While working in the lab, I became interested with strategic communications and how scientists engage with their public and communicate data. I had the chance to do an internship in a public affairs environment before I completed my PhD and this became an eye opener.

VB: How did you hear about AXON Communications and our operations in London?

NA: It was through a medical communications networking event / careers day where I met a recruiter working with AXON.

VB: In this NATIONAL Achievement Awards program, you received four nominations from your peers, which is higher than average. Many colleagues refer to you as being solutions-oriented. Can you explain?

NA: I can easily see a few steps ahead and plan for challenges that can arise early. It all comes naturally to me but I understand that this aptitude is appreciated by my colleagues. But we all get along very well and we all help each other.

VB: Is this the collaboration spirit that led you to Japan last year, on a solo business trip to facilitate meetings with investigators, your very first, intense, on site experience just a few years out of school?

NA: Yes! I was asked to take over from someone who had to cancel their trip. It was my first experience on my own and I learned quite a lot from this trip.

VB: I believe that you learned that you had the travel bug and that you will be moving to Copenhagen for six months?

NA: Yes! I didn't know the field of medical communications would come with travel. I thought I was leaving that behind when I left research to go into consulting. I'm so pleased that our internship project was approved and that we will be joining the team of three in Copenhagen, working closely with our client Novo Nordisk, headquartered in Denmark. I developed this plan with my friend and colleague Maddie Nowak. We will be sharing an apartment and every moment of this adventure. And perhaps buying two bikes to travel to work!

VB: What would you tell your 15-year old self?

NA: Work hard and trust your instincts.


If Nicole’s first years in the business are an indicator of what’s to come over the years, we can safely say that the future looks impressively bright.


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