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NATIONAL’s Nancy Arab Earns Prestigious SCMP Designation

Posted Monday, October 30, 2017

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    Nancy Arab, Partner at NATIONAL, is one of only 14 SCMP certified professionals worldwide!

At NATIONAL, our consultants are constantly searching for professional development and educational opportunities that empower them to deliver the creative solutions that our clients expect from us. Our consultants have a reputation for constantly seeking out knowledge that supports our clients, and a drive to create unconventional solutions that surprise and delight.

On October 14, 2017, Nancy Arab wrote, and passed, her Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP) professional designation. 

The SCMP, and CMP (which Nancy wrote two years ago) professional certifications, from the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) were created by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) to offer certification at various levels.  The GCCC Certification is available at this time only for Communication Management Professionals (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP), with the SCMP being launched in June 2017.

The goal of the certification process is to promote a common, global understanding of what constitutes professionalism and competence in communication. The GCCC has based its certification program on the Global Standard for communication professionals set out by IABC, and plans to ISO-certify the program in the future.

Nancy joins the current cohort of 13 SCMP certified professionals worldwide with this designation.

With a new certification to demonstrate her knowledge and acumen, Nancy is primed to provide clients with the insights that set her – and our Firm – apart from the competition. 


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