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NATIONAL and “Pinball” Clemons Tackle Pneumococcal Pneumonia on World Pneumonia Day

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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For Canadian Baby Boomers, retirement is not the end of the story, but an exciting new chapter. 

Yet there is a preventable illness – pneumococcal pneumonia – which can be deadly and life-altering1,2, and has the potential to stop people from realizing their dreams of a golden retirement. Because after years of anticipation and planning, no one wants to be #Grounded for their golden years.

To mark World Pneumonia Day (November 12), the Ontario Lung Association (OLA) and Pfizer Canada in partnership with NATIONAL launched an awareness campaign about the importance of adult vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia, one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and deaths in seniors1,3.

The multi-faceted campaign featured Canadian football legend, Michael “Pinball” Clemons sharing his personal story through media, having lost his grandmother to pneumonia when his mom was only five. Check out some highlights of the coverage below:

As part of the campaign, “Pinball” recorded a cheeky short video bringing to life our campaign concept, #Grounded. For each view of the video or share of the #Grounded hashtag on social media – Facebook or Twitter – $5 will be donated to lung health, up to a maximum of $5,000.  

We have received very positive feedback, including the OLA who commented that this campaign has “most definitely raised the bar.” With “Pinball” leading the charge, our collaborative efforts made this campaign a sure touchdown!



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