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NATIONAL Welcomes Six New Partners

Posted Wednesday, April 04, 2012

  • From left: Hugo Delorme, Paul Wilson and Paul de la Plante

    From left: Montreal's Hugo Delorme, Paul Wilson and Paul de la Plante (Photo Credit: Émilie Dutil-Bruneau)

  • Peter Block, Toronto

    Peter Block, Toronto

  • Martin Daraiche, Quebec City

    Martin Daraiche, Quebec City

  • Emma Kenny, London

    Emma Kenny, London (UK)

Following a thorough review process, Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO of RES PUBLICA, is proud to announce the nomination of six new partners. Peter Block, Martin Daraiche, Paul de la Plante, Hugo Delorme, Emma Kenny and Paul Wilson have been accepted as partners of the Firm in recognition of their outstanding leadership and contribution to the success of NATIONAL.

Each new partner is unique and brings something different to the Firm, but they are all trusted advisors who provide superior service to clients, develop new business and raise the bar through the quality of their work and leadership skills.

“I am honoured to be able to call each one of those six colleagues my partners. They are the kind of people that I want to build the future of the Firm with”, said Jean-Pierre Vasseur.

Peter Block plays a key role with the Firm’s Financial Communications clients and has helped build that practice locally in Toronto and nation-wide.

Martin Daraiche is recognized for his exemplary leadership in the Quebec City office and in the Capitale-Nationale community.

Paul de la Plante is a trusted partner to many of the Firm’s blue chip clients and has built a national Financial Communications practice alongside Peter Block.

Hugo Delorme, who has established the Government Relations practice in the Montreal office, stands out by his outstanding community involvement and the scope of his network.

Emma Kenny exemplifies the values and culture of NATIONAL and AXON, its division specializing in medical communications and clinical trial research, and plays a key role in overseeing the Medical Communications team at in London.

Paul Wilson shines through his involvement in business development, his leadership in the Montreal office as the head of the Corporate Communications practice, and his role as a true team player and inspiring motivator.

Congratulations to our six colleagues on their well-deserved nomination!

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Posted Thursday, April 5, 2012

Congrats to all of you! Very well deserved!

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John Crean

Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Such a great group of true professionals. Congratulations!

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