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NATIONAL Chats with Kristan Hines and Stephanie Reid

Posted Thursday, February 02, 2017

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    (From left): New team members Stephanie Reid, Senior Consultant, and Kristan Hines, Vice-President, Public Affairs

This past January, NATIONAL’s Halifax office welcomed new team members Kristan Hines as Vice-President of Public Affairs and Stephanie Reid as Senior Consultant. A few weeks into their new roles, our new colleagues answer a few questions about why they chose NATIONAL, and what sets them apart as communicators.

What most excites you about being at NATIONAL?

SR: Definitely it’s having the privilege to work with such a smart and talented team.

KH: The opportunity to learn from and work with exceptional people in a collaborative work environment.  It's also encouraging different minds and those with diverse experiences and skills to tackle a problem or a project which leads to better, more thoughtful outcomes.

What do you feel is the most exciting movement happening in our industry for 2017?

SR: There are so many exciting shifts currently unfolding in our industry. Of personal interest is the way in which crowdfunding continues to evolve as a marketing and research tool, specifically outside of the non-profit sector. Companies are now leveraging crowdfunding platforms to not only raise capital for innovation, but also to validate new products before significant investments are made in development. This is an interesting trend and one that I will continue to watch.

KH: The ability to measure PR efforts. Integrating data and analytics into the conversation. Being able to track and measure results provides clients with the proof and reassurance that their agency is committed to delivering for them.

What do you think is your greatest strength as a communicator?

SR: One of my greatest strengths as a communicator is having the ability to be assertive while remaining collaborative.

KH: My ability to listen. To truly serve the client, you need to be able to understand their needs, concerns and expectations.   

What inspires you?

SR: I’m inspired by big ideas that will positively impact a community.

KH: I’m inspired by people who step up and commit to making a difference in the world. Whether it’s volunteering with a not-for-profit, taking the time to mentor an individual, or running for public office – if you’re passionate about people and affecting positive change, I'm inspired.


Stephanie Reid joined NATIONAL’s Halifax office as a Senior Consultant in January 2017. With a long career in communications and marketing, she has led brand building initiatives and integrated campaigns with passion and flawless execution. During the past seven years, Stephanie has worked with the IWK Foundation’s Marketing team growing her expertise in brand management, partnership development, events, and digital. As an expert in Crowdfunding and cause-related marketing, Stephanie has collected a broad range of experiences on her path to NATIONAL. She began her career working with Hon. Scott Brison in his Constituency office, followed by a stint at Disney as a Cultural Representative and later at Cossette working as Account Lead. 

Kristan Hines joined NATIONAL’s Halifax office as Vice-President, Public Affairs in January 2017. Previously Chief of Staff for the Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, Kristan is a respected industry veteran with extensive experience in strategic planning and communications and stakeholder relations, both regionally and nationally. From federal initiatives to election campaigns, she has applied her considerable skills and talents across Canada. As NATIONAL Atlantic’s new Vice-President of Public Affairs, she brings her vast experience and leadership in communications, advocacy, issues management, government relations and stakeholder engagement to clients in Atlantic Canada and across the network.  


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