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Michael “Pinball” Clemons Would be Proud

Posted Friday, May 20, 2016

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    Front row (from left): Joanna Wilson, Carolyn Santillan. Middle row (from left): Elma Foric, Natalie Dyck. Back row: Brian Langerfield, Rick Maddalena, Jay Virani.

NATIONAL wins IABC OVATION Award of Merit for Grounded: Pneumonia Vaccine Awareness campaign

Wednesday night, the International Association of Business Communicators Toronto (IABC Toronto) celebrated excellence in communications and recognized the “superheroes who possess extraordinary talent and the power to capture people’s attention, imagination and hearts.”

NATIONAL Public Relations won an Award of Merit – Media Relations with budget greater than $100K for our Grounded: Pneumonia Vaccine Awareness campaign.

To mark World Pneumonia Day in 2015, NATIONAL in partnership with Pfizer Canada and the Ontario Lung Association launched an unbranded awareness campaign about the importance of adult vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia, featuring Canadian football legend Michael “Pinball” Clemons. Specifically, we generated media coverage about this important health topic, highlighting the seriousness of the disease, the potential long-term impact on the quality of life for seniors, and the availability of a vaccine that may prevent pneumonia.

“This award is a testament to NATIONAL’s best teams approach,” said Brian Langerfield, Vice-President and Executive Creative Director. “By engaging Analytics & Insights, Creative and our core account team, we created a light-hearted, compelling video that conveys the severity of a disease that impacts more than 60,000 Ontarians each year.”

This is yet another well-deserved recognition for this campaign team including Joanna Wilson, Carolyn Santillan, Elma Foric, Natalie Dyck, Brian Langerfield, Rick Maddalena and Jay Virani.

About the OVATION Awards

The IABC/Toronto OVATION Awards program offers the communications profession an opportunity to present its best work. It advertises the excellence of individual award winners while fostering a greater appreciation of the communications profession.


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