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Martin Daraiche Named Managing Partner of NATIONAL in Quebec City

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017

  • Martin Daraiche (Photo Credit: Francis Bouchard)

Martin Daraiche has been appointed managing partner of NATIONAL Public Relations’ Quebec City office. A high-level strategist, Martin will support the Firm’s growth and uphold the tradition of excellence established by his predecessor and mentor, Luc Ouellet, who will continue to play an active role with NATIONAL as partner.

As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the Quebec City office plans to consolidate its leadership role in a fast-changing industry that calls for bold thinking and vision.

A lawyer, member of the Quebec Bar Association and a graduate from Sherbrooke University, Martin has played a key role in the Firm’s success since his arrival in 2008. He will be undertaking this role with a spirit of close collaboration, calling upon the talent of a seasoned team and of his two partners, Julie-Anne Vien and Luc Ouellet. Martin has forged lasting relationships with his clients and peers. He stands out with his keen ability to analyze complex issues and develop unique strategies that will help his clients reach their business objectives.

Today, Martin takes the realm of a leading organization in its market, solidly rooted in its community and invested wholeheartedly in the success of the Firm’s clients.

We wish him all the best in his new role.


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