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Madano’s Kelvin Morgan Placed on PRCA’s Fast Track Mentoring Scheme

Posted Tuesday, November 14, 2017

  • IMG-Kelvin-Morgan

    Kelvin Morgan, Senior Account Executive at Madano

Madano’s Kelvin Morgan is one of the latest mentees to be paired up with an experienced communicator, as part of an industry scheme set up by the PRCA. Named Fast Track, the mentoring scheme aims to inspire and develop the next generation of communications professionals.

Having originally launched in 2015 alongside PR Week, this year’s Fast Track sees 31 pairings of professionals in agency, in-house and freelance professions, collaborate together.

“Having not worked at another agency, or in-house before joining Madano, Fast Track gives me an opportunity to learn how others work, and what skills and tools have been applied in different areas I’m not accustomed to,” said Kelvin. “The most beneficial part of the scheme is being able to speak to my mentor, who is detached from my day-to-day work.”

During the six-month mentoring period, the pairs are free to meet regularly, whilst updating the PRCA on developments. Kelvin is partnered with Juliet Wheater, Partner and Joint MD of Scarlett PR & Marketing, an agency specializing in luxury lifestyle.

“Although we work in very different spaces, Juliet has introduced me to new tools and methods, especially around social media – an area which is of particular interest,” added Kelvin. “In addition to tactical learnings, Juliet has also helped me build my confidence which shouldn’t be overlooked either.”


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