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Looking Back on Trump’s First 100 Days with John Parisella

Posted Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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    (From left): Ghislain Dufour, Founder of the Forum; John Parisella, Senior Advisor, Business Outreach at NATIONAL’s Montreal office ; and Serge Paquette, Managing Partner of NATIONAL’s Montreal office

Last night, our colleague John Parisella, Senior Advisor, Business Outreach in the Montreal office and respected US politics expert, shared his fresh perspective and insight on Donald Trump's first 100 days in power with Ghislain Dufour Business Forum members, addressing key issues at stake and the most pressing preoccupations for Canada as the new President continues to shake the world. 

Briefly recalling the unpredictable, unconventional and uncertain character of Mr. Trump, John is not surprised by the somewhat turbulent beginnings of the new head of state, since it is quite common for a newly appointed president to go against what his predecessor had put in place. It remains to be seen whether we’re facing a complete improvisation or rather with a mere "President Not Obama".

For John, President Trump’s first 100 days in power can best be summarized with the following 5Cs:

  • confrontation (with the media, with intelligence agencies, with the courts)
  • confusion (namely by switching his key priority from immigration to Obamacare)
  • chaos (three distinct camps within his entourage)
  • competency (still to be proven)
  • credibility (does he have any?)

Uncertainties are plentiful at the moment, especially in light of the recent shift brought on by the attack on Syria. But what about the concerns on our side of the border? John covered some of the most important Canada-US issues, including NAFTA negotiations, forestry, energy, the environment and a few concerns about the upcoming Trump Budget. But in the face of all these issues, Canada maintains a diplomatic approach, remaining attentive while protecting the country's interests and defending its values.

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Posted Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Excellente analyse de John! Il sera de très bon conseil pour les clients de National! Bon succès! Laurier Thibault

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