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Leaders Unite at NATIONAL 201

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Every year in August, senior staff from RES PUBLICA’s global network (NATIONAL, AXON, Madano, SHIFT and Cohn & Wolfe) gather in Toronto to participate in an intense two-day leadership training workshop, known as the NATIONAL Institute’s NATIONAL 201: The Trusted Advisor Workshop.

The goal of this program is to help participants raise their game in giving actionable feedback and behavioural coaching, and facilitating complex conversations with clients. Selected because of their strong performance record and the value they bring to the Firm and its clients, this year’s participants included:

  • Melissa Cable-Cibula – Toronto
  • Jon Litwack – Toronto
  • Kristen Dickson – Toronto (NATIONAL Equicom)
  • Joe Racanelli – Toronto (NATIONAL Equicom)
  • Daniella McCrorie  –  Toronto (AXON CTS)
  • Émilie Dutil-Bruneau – Montreal
  • Marc Poisson  – Montreal
  • Nichole Budd  –  Calgary
  • Claire Alter  – Vancouver
  • Sarah McLean  –  Halifax
  • Jennifer Barrett  – AXON US
  • Duncan Shaw  –  AXON UK
  • Luke Herbert  –  Madano
  • Dan Brennan  –  SHIFT Boston
  • Daniela Gentile –  Cohn & Wolfe|Toronto
  • Chad Jeudy-Hugo  –  Cohn & Wolfe|Montreal

Mario Nacinovich, Managing Partner at AXON US, and Kathy Rammage, Director, Human Resources at NATIONAL’s Toronto office, made this program a great success along with the rest of the faculty which included Shawn Patterson Baker, Evita Sanchez, Paul Wilson, Michael Goehring, Emma Kenny, Elisabeth Mozel-Jury, Sarah Beales, AnnMarie Boudreau, Sébastien Fassier and Alex McMillan.

Want to get an insider’s view of the 201 experience? Check out this blog post by participant Duncan Shaw and our photo album on NATIONAL’s Facebook page!


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