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Inspiring January for NATIONAL’s Marketing Communications Team

Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016

  • IDS16

    Interior Design Show

  • IDS16

    Interior Design Show

  • Advertising-Marketing-Week

    Advertising and Marketing Week, Twitter presentation

NATIONAL’s Marketing Communications team in Toronto had a jam-packed January attending various events across the city to get inspired and learn more about upcoming trends for 2016, covering everything from content development to social engagement, global integration and mobile marketing.

The team’s first stop was at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto, which celebrates international and Canadian leading brands, innovative speakers and rising local talent. At the annual opening night party,  IDS16: The Party, our colleagues visited the unique exhibits, discovered innovative designs concepts and had the opportunity to sample cuisines from some of the city’s top food vendors. They came away with great ideas and thought starters to help develop new content for the Firm’s clients and identify ways in which we can incorporate trends like wood-working, craftsmanship and innovation into our communications plans.

Next up was the Advertising and Marketing Week, where the Marketing team attended two speaking sessions to get a closer look at what’s trending for 2016. Presented by Twitter, the first session focused on content creation and creator engagement through Niche, its new platform for connecting social media creators with marketers. The highly-engaging session featured a panel of three content creators (i.e. influencers) who participated in a 30-minute discussion on their work as brand ambassadors and how they seek to develop unique content that integrates the brand in an authentic way. The creators encouraged brands to collaborate with them to develop and execute effective campaigns designed to target specific audiences and take them on a journey. They also emphasized the importance of providing an experience that speaks to a targeted subset of consumers directly, which is especially key for us as telling stories is the essence of what we do.  

The second session, hosted by Rogers Media, focused on the changing media landscape and forecasted key trends as it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The presenters talked about integration and how devices – TV, car, cellphones, home phones, and security systems – will increasingly be connected and become the new norm in our daily lives. Another featured trend focused on the power of personalization and connecting with consumers in a unique, personal way. One of the trends that really spoke to our team was the development of mobile marketing. Being mobile-friendly and accessible will be essential for brands as the use of mobile technology becomes the primary way in which we consume media; having this accessibility at our fingertips through smartphones is changing the way we consume just about everything and has a direct impact on both our clients and their brands.

Food for thought to get us all excited for what lies ahead in 2016!


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