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Guillaume Lefèvre Promoted to Director, Healthcare and Energy Strategy in Quebec City

Posted Tuesday, October 10, 2017

  • IMG-Guillaume-Lefevre

    Guillaume Lefèvre, Director, Healthcare and Energy Strategy at NATIONAL's Quebec City office

To highlight and recognize Guillaume Lefèvre’s important contribution to the success of NATIONAL’s Quebec City office, we are pleased to announce his promotion to Director, Healthcare and Energy Strategy.

Since he joined the NATIONAL family, Guillaume Lefèvre has had an impressive career path and has quickly distinguished himself with his discipline and highly sought-after expertise on health and energy issues. Over the last year, he played a key role in the growth of these two business sectors, serving a growing number of clients and closely contributing to their success.

His many years of experience in the healthcare sector not only benefit companies wishing to differentiate themselves, but also patient groups that are looking for help and support with their strategic positioning. Because of his thorough knowledge of administrative and political processes, Guillaume is highly appreciated by governments and clients alike.

Guillaume will continue to serve our clients with professionalism and will work even more closely on developing the business and strengthening our collaborative efforts with our offices in Canada and abroad.

“I am proud of this promotion and would like to thank Martin Daraiche, Luc Ouellet and Julie‑Anne Vien for their trust in me,” said Guillaume. “It’s with great enthusiasm that I will carry out my new responsibilities in the interest of governments and organizations with whom I will have the chance to interact.”


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