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Fruitful Evening at the SQPRP and CPRS Joint Awards Gala

Posted Wednesday, June 03, 2015

  • IMG-SQPRP-01

    NATIONAL's Sébastien Fassier, Maryse Bienvenu, Nicole Delorme, Sébastien Boudreau and Isabelle Fontaine celebrate Keurig's two awards with our client.

  • IMG-SQPRP-05

    NATIONAL’s Neil Babaluk (left) and client Mark Sitter of Sherritt International Corporation (far right) receive their award from the presenter

  • IMG-SQPRP-07

    NATIONAL's Nicole Fowler celebrates the win for Ford Driving Skills for life with her client.

  • IMG-SQPRP-08

    We may not be the best at taking selfies, but that's not why we win awards!

  • IMG-SQPRP-06

    (From left): Sébastien Boudreau of NATIONAL, Julie Deschambault of Matom Communication, Anne-Marie Whitenshaw, Gala MC, and Lydia Juliano of Matom Communication

  • IMG-SQPRP-02

    And the evening was only beginning!

  • IMG-SQPRP-03

    NATIONAL's Nicole Fowler celebrates the win for Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration with her client.

  • IMG-SQPRP-09

    NATIONAL’s Anik Le Marquand and Paul Wilson receive their award from the presenter (left).

Last night, the SQPRP and CPRS Joint Awards Gala recognized the best in Canadian public relations and communication management, and our teams left the ceremony with loaded arms and broad smiles!  

Both award programs showcase Canada's best talent and offer a special opportunity to be recognized by one's peers for outstanding work and contribution to the profession, the CPRS and the SQPRP.

Among the CPRS Award winners, which had already been announced in May, NATIONAL stood out from the crowd and took home an impressive round-up of four awards for its work with Ford Canada (2 awards), Keurig Canada and Sherritt International (see our previous article for all the details).

The SQPRP, whose award recipients hadn’t been announced prior to the event, had everyone holding their breath last night to finally discover who would take home a precious statuette.  We are proud to announce that the Firm won two awards in the External PR Program category, winning the Gold award  for its work with Keurig and the Platinum award for the 2015 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.

The gala turned out to be quite a fruitful evening for NATIONAL, and these latest re


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