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Cupcakes and Coffee to Celebrate Anniversaries

Posted Monday, April 03, 2017

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    (From left): RES PUBLICA's Vincent Massé, Vice-President, Finance; Karl Goudreau, Accountant; Ashley Clark, Executive Assistant; and Valérie Beauregard, Executive Vice-President

Last Friday, RES PUBLICA’s entire Montreal team got together to celebrate the anniversaries of two of its members who have a combined 25 years of service at the Firm: Accountant Karl Goudreau and Executive Assistant Ashley Clark.

Celebrating their 10th and 15th anniversary respectively, Karl and Ashley were surprised by their colleagues… and a table filled with mouth-watering cupcakes and fresh coffee. Talk about the perfect combination for a morning celebration!

Working at RES PUBLICA since 2007, Karl is a true baseball and football fan who, behind a serious a facade, never hesitate to share his lighter side with the colleagues he respects and truly appreciate. Efficient, professional and diligent, he’s a trusted employee and a sure asset for the entire Firm.

RES PUBLICA was Ashley's first employer when she completed her studies in 2002, and she’s been Executive Vice-President Valérie Beauregard’s faithful assistant ever since. Ashley is the go-to person when it comes to learning about the Firm’s past and present corporate programs. With her endearing smile and constant availability, her colleagues know that they can and will always be able to count on her.

Congratulations to Karl and Ashley for their faithful service and loyalty!


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