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Congratulations to Our Rowing-Together Award Winners!

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2016

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We’re pleased to announce that the multi-office Novartis team and the 2016 Holiday card team will receive the Rowing-Together Thank You Awards. Part of NATIONAL’s ongoing employee recognition practices, the Rowing-Together Thank You Awards are presented twice yearly to two teams that have distinguished themselves on a client mandate, pitch or internal project and exemplify the Firm’s values through their teamwork, based on recommendations made by Managing Partners.

Novartis – AXON US, Halifax and Insights Practice at Madano

Pete Rizzuto, Patrice Mason and Leighland Feinman, in New York; Gareth Morell, Jonathan Oldershaw, Jonathan Baker, Hanna Williams and Dan Townsend, in London; Gavin Anderegg and Ashley Hurshman, in Halifax

A team at AXON US worked hand-in-hand with the Insights experts at Madano, as well as a team of designers in Halifax, and their multi-office collaboration and innovation earned them one of the two end-of-year Rowing Together Awards.

The Madano Insights team has truly lived the values of the Firm this year and has done a magnificent job in reaching out to colleagues across the network to help them identify solutions through insights and intelligence. They have built up relationships with a number of offices across the network, including AXON in both the US and UK, Toronto, Halifax and Calgary – and have worked on a number of major projects for our clients. They clearly have invested in building relationships with people and explaining how they can help them help their clients. This is based on taking a long-term approach to the business and recognizing that the real opportunity is to build a coordinated and strategic insights business across the network. The consistently high quality of their work has received plaudits from our healthcare clients and colleagues.

“There is a real sense of togetherness amongst the team and everyone has taken the time to build their knowledge and expertise whilst delivering on their client work so we can develop better research products and services for the client,” said Michael Evans, Managing Partner at Madano.


The Holiday card team

Judith Lebel, Boris Ung, Jarifa Lujan and Marie-Christine Vasseur (Montreal); Stéphanie Auclair and Kevin Dobie (RES PUBLICA Montreal); and Claudel Mwenedata (RES PUBLICA London)

The Holiday card is an important element of the Firm’s external branding strategy as we take advantage of end-of-year celebrations to remind our clients, friends and business contacts that we are trusted partners with bold thinking. As you all know, 2016 was the year of our 40th anniversary and it gave us the opportunity to reflect on our history and our successes. The 2016 e-card helped us celebrate our 40th anniversary in a special way. Under the direction of Judith Lebel, Director, Digital Projects, and Boris Ung, Senior Consultant, team members were inspired by some of our other 40th anniversary concepts, such as the photo contest and the historical e-newsletters, to develop an interactive photo mosaic. This allowed viewers to travel from 1976 to 2016 to discover key events and milestones in our history. Thank you to Stéphanie Auclair for your in-depth research and your writing skills.

Each office was also given the opportunity to create their own greetings within the e-card platform and we were able to explore messages from our colleagues across the network, including our new colleagues at SHIFT Communications. We discovered that we are a very diverse and creative group, thanks to the holiday card ambassadors who rallied to answer the call to action. And thank you to Marie-Christine Vasseur and Kevin Dobie for their valuable collaboration throughout the project.

For those who missed it, here is a link to view the Toronto e-card. You can click on the “Select an office” button to see the other offices’ special wishes.

Congratulations to the Montreal digital team, as well as the IT and Corporate Affairs teams at RES PUBLICA! Once again you were up for the challenge and made us all very proud to work at NATIONAL, AXON, Madano, SHIFT and RES PUBLICA.

To all members of the winning teams, thank you and congratulations!


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