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Closely Knit and Truly Dedicated: Montreal Staff Raise $58,000 for Centraide

Posted Monday, December 08, 2014

  • IMG-Centraide-2014

    Thanks to the staff’s contribution and the generous corporate donation, the Firm raised more than $58,000 for Centraide.

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    Sébastien Boudreau was the "victim" of the campaign's first dare!

  • IMG-Centraide-2014-03

    Getting ready for the Centraide auction.

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    Our colleague Paul Wilson was not only successful in making people laugh during the auction, but more importantly, in making many of them spend for a good cause.

  • IMG-Centraide-2014-05

    Exclusive lunch with the Montreal office's managing partner, Serge Paquette.

  • IMG-Centraide-2014-07

    Knitting class for all, including managing partner Serge Paquette and partner Paul Wilson.

  • IMG-Centraide-2014-06

    Sylvie Tessier (centre) challenged four of her younger male colleagues to an ironing initiation in exchange of a generous donation to Centraide.

As the Montreal team was getting ready for the annual Christmas party last Friday, the Centraide (Montreal’s United Way) committee revealed this year’s impressive campaign results. In just over four weeks, staff from RES PUBLICA, NATIONAL and Cohn & Wolfe joined forces to raise more than $58,000 for the organization.

In line with this year’s “closely-knit” campaign theme, the committee solicited staff members through a series of fun activities including employee challenges, a $5 cover charge to wear jeans on Fridays, knitting and ironing how-to sessions and exclusive lunches with some of the Firm’s top leadership.

Despite the undeniable popularity of many activities, the highlight was undoubtedly an auction emceed by our colleague Paul Wilson, who was quite successful in making people laugh, and more importantly, in making many of them spend for a good cause.

Thanks to the staff’s contribution and a generous corporate donation, the Firm raised more than $58,000 for Centraide, which will help the organization pursue its mission: to promote mutual aid, social commitment and self-reliance in order to improve the quality of life of the community, and especially of its neediest members, namely newcomers, people with disabilities, street youth, seniors and those suffering from a mental illness.

A special mention to 2014 campaign director Éric Cardinal and his fellow committee members Éric Duguay, Sébastien Boudreau, Ariane M. Gauthier, Caroline Martel, Jean-François Villion, Stéphanie Auclair and Geneviève Benoit, who joined forces to make this campaign a fantastic success. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign.


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