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Celebrating Great Team Work

Posted Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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We’re pleased to announce that Montreal’s 375th Anniversary team and the Tembec Acquisition team are the proud recipients of the Rowing-Together Thank You Awards. Part of the Firm’s ongoing employee recognition practices, the Rowing-Together Thank You Awards are presented twice yearly to two teams that have distinguished themselves on a client mandate, pitch or internal project and exemplify the Firm’s values through their teamwork, based on recommendations made by Managing Partners.


Montreal’s 375th Anniversary team

André Bouthillier, Anik Le Marquand, Ariane Éthier, Astrid Morin, Boris Ung, Camille Mongeau, Christelle Lenoir, Colin Danby, Doris Juergens, Éric Cardinal, Éric Duguay, Frédérik Daneault-Duguay, Frédérick Truchon-Gagnon, Gabrielle Rousseau-Bélanger, Genève Boulianne-Grenier, Geneviève Benoît, Geneviève Clavet, Jarifa Lujan, Jean Alexandre d’Etcheverry, Judith Lebel, Julien Baudry, Katrin Sermat, Lynda Pelletier, Marie-Céline Charron, Max Coloma, Megan Ip, Michel Lacroix, Natalia Duguay, Nathalie Rhéaume, Nicole Delorme, Raphaël Melançon, Sébastien Boudreau, Stéphanie Napky Couture, Sylvie Tessier, Thomas Gobeil, Amélie Forcier, Véronique Désilets and Viviane Ross

An army of 37 consultants from NATIONAL’s Montreal office supported the Society for the Celebration of Montreal’s 375th Anniversary during the month of May, and particularly on the date of the city’s founding, May 17.

Our people’s efforts were namely invested in media relations, press analysis, press reviews, project support and execution on aboriginal issues, digital communications support, content creation, planning and strategic advice. This enormous teamwork was also reflected in the May celebrations’ huge success, both in terms of press coverage and record participation in activities.

According to an external evaluation, more than 1 million people attended the inaugural illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and the Giants’ three-day march across the city.

“I want to thank all team members for their outstanding engagement and efforts, which once again prove the power of collaboration,” said Francine La Haye, Senior Vice-President at NATIONAL’s Montreal office.

Tembec Acquisition team

Martin Daraiche, Julie-Anne Vien, Guillaume Fillion, Alexandre Boucher, Patricia Lindsay, Andrea Danielle Wong, Alex-Sandra Thibault, Lynda Pelletier, Anik Le Marquand, Jarifa Lujan, Astrid Morin, Genève Boulianne-Grenier, Marc Desmarais, Chris Froggatt and D’arci McFadden

The multi-office team involved in the important announcement regarding our client Rayonier’s acquisition of Tembec did a fantastic job on a mandate that required significant collaboration, discipline, availability and attention from all team members.

Led by the Quebec City office, this project’s success is the result of a great team effort involving staff in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Each expertise enhanced the level of excellence offered to the client and each talent made a difference, be it by coordinating logistics; developing content; making sure the announcement reached governments, influencers and allies; effectively preparing spokespeople; or following up with the press, coordinating numerous interviews, monitoring and analyzing media coverage and social media activity.

“This project was a colossal challenge, and our team’s success once again demonstrates how strong we are when we work seamlessly together,” shared Luc Ouellet, Managing Partner of NATIONAL’s Quebec City office.

To all members of the winning teams, thank you and congratulations!


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