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Celebrating Firm-Wide Achievements and People

Posted Tuesday, February 07, 2017

  • IMG-Toronto

    Toronto winners Aissel Crichlow, Rick Maddalena, Elma Foric, Anne Stevenson, Joanna Wilson and Caroline Chin

  • IMG-Halifax

    Atlantic winners Andrew Blanchette and Gavin Anderegg with Managing Partner Sarah Young.

  • IMG-London

    AXON UK winners Katrina de Saram, Katrina Lester, Nicole Antonio, Roz Chown and Jaclyn Confalone

  • IMG-Calgary

    Calgary winners Jennifer DeMinico and Edita Navratilova

  • IMG-Madano

    Madano winners Tom Reynolds and Kelvin Morgan

  • IMG-Vancouver

    Vancouver winners Matt MacInnis and Michelle Ward

  • IMG-NY

    AXON US winners Ashleigh Pulkoski-Gross and Jennifer Barrett

  • IMG-Montreal-01

    Montreal winners Alex-Sandra Thibault and Sébastien Boudreau

  • IMG-Montreal-02

    Montreal winners Linda Descoteaux, Thomas Gobeil and Dominique Quirion proudly pose with Jean-Pierre Vasseur and Valérie Beauregard

  • IMG-Quebec

    Quebec City winner Debbie Groves with Partner Julie-Anne Vien, Managing Partner Luc Ouellet and Partner Martin Daraiche

NATIONAL has a long standing tradition of presenting the NATIONAL Achievement Awards, which recognize employees whose contributions reinforce the Firm’s values and vision and promote its growth and leadership position in public relations. Nominated by their colleagues, deserving award recipients are recognized in five categories for their outstanding achievements during special ceremonies held in January and February across the network.

The 2016 local award winners are:

Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award

Anne Stevenson, Jennifer DeMinico, Andrew Blanchette, Ashleigh Pulkoski-Gross, Nicole Antonio, Katrina Lester, Jaclyn Confalone, Kelvin Morgan, Alex-Sandra Thibault  




Business Development and Management Achievement Award

Caroline Chin, Matt MacInnis, Jennifer Barrett, Tom Reynolds, Sébastien Boudreau


Support Services Achievement Award

Aissel Crichlow, Edita Navratilova, Roz Chown, Linda Descoteaux, Debbie Groves


Visionary Leadership Model Award

Rick Maddalena, Michelle Ward, Katrina de Saram, Dominique Quirion


Innovation Award

Elma Foric, Gavin Anderegg, Thomas Gobeil


International employee recognition awards


Every year, the Firm also presents international employee recognition awards underlining exceptional accomplishments.

Awarded to the candidate who best represents the Firm’s values, the NATIONAL Way Award was presented to Joanna Wilson, Senior Vice-President at NATIONAL's Toronto office“Joanna is a pillar of the Firm and lives our values every day with her colleagues and clients,” said Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO, when he presented her the award in Toronto. “She goes out of her way to engage and inform her team members, and is always the first one to raise her hand when volunteers are needed to take on a project.”

Awarded to the local winner with the most outstanding profile, the Luc-Beauregard Award – which honours the memory our Firm’s founding chairman – was this year presented our colleague Nicole Antonio, Medical Writer at AXON UK. “As her two promotions in her first year with the Firm can attest, Nicole far exceeds expectations and has quickly built meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike,” shared Valérie Beauregard, Executive Vice-President. “Not only is she a quick learner, she is already supporting and training junior team members, and is known for her strong collaboration and willingness to work with others to make every project a success.”



Congratulations to all the 2016 winners!


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