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AXON US Receives NESHCo Lamplighter Award

Posted Monday, June 01, 2015

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    The Roche Translational and Clinical Research Center (Photo Credit: Copyright © F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.)

On May 21, our AXON US team was presented an award of excellence in the Special Events category at the 25th Annual New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Lamplighter Awards Gala Dinner. The winning event entry was for AXON’s work on the Roche Translational and Clinical Research Center (TCRC) Inauguration and Scientific Symposium. These initiatives celebrated and established the newest pillar in Roche’s research organization, while stimulating discussion in the clinical community, across several disease therapeutic areas, via a scientific symposium.

These live events were attended by an estimated total of 175 politicians, healthcare providers, Roche executives/senior leaders, and TCRC collaborators from across the globe, including researchers, investigators, medical staff from academic and research institutions and advocacy groups. In addition to the attendees that were present, nearly 3,200 viewers were engaged by the live video broadcast feed AXON supported.

“AXON is elated to be recognized for supporting Roche on these award-winning initiatives,” said Mario Nacinovich, managing partner at AXON. “We hope to continue developing successful and effective projects in partnership with Roche.”

Judith Dunn, PhD., VP and Global Head Clinical Development at Roche, also expressed her enthusiasm for this recognition. “We are pleased to receive the honor of being named a winner in the Special Events category,” she said. “And we are looking forward to the continued evolution of TCRC, and our partnership with AXON.”

About the Lamplighter Awards

NESHCo’s Lamplighter Awards were created to recognize excellent and exceptional healthcare communications. They are awarded each year in a wide variety of categories including, publications, public relations, and advertising.


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