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AVENIR GLOBAL: NATIONAL Sets the Stage for Future Growth and Innovation

Posted Wednesday, November 08, 2017


    AVENIR GLOBAL’s senior leadership team (from left): Andrew Molson, Chairman; Valérie Beauregard, Executive Vice-President; Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO; Royal Poulin, Executive Vice-President and CFO (Photo Credit: Sandrine Castellan)



In a move to mark our Firm’s growing presence on the international stage, today we are proud to announce a redefined corporate platform, with the introduction of AVENIR GLOBAL. The new holding company will manage the Firm’s five operating brands: NATIONAL Public Relations, NATIONAL Equicom, AXON Communications, Madano and SHIFT Communications.

“The reshaping of operations under AVENIR GLOBAL reflect the Firm’s presence as an innovative global company with a management philosophy that values a long-term growth strategy and that puts its people and clients at the centre of decision-making”, said Jean-Pierre Vasseur, President and CEO of AVENIR GLOBAL. “Our vision is to build the global footprint of our Firm by aggregating companies and talent to deliver value for our clients.”

Our Firm began as a two-person Montreal-based public relations consultancy in 1976 and is now ranked among the top 25 largest PR agencies in the world, with 550 employees and 60% of revenue coming from outside of Canada.

“NATIONAL is the right name for our Canadian operations, but was becoming less relevant as a name for our platform as we expanded internationally. The AVENIR GLOBAL name represents our ambition while recognizing our heritage − ‘Avenir’ being the French word for ‘future’”, added Mr. Vasseur.

“The NATIONAL brand will remain strong in Canada while we pursue our long-term growth strategy through AVENIR GLOBAL, seeking out acquisitions which will help us maintain and diversify our international client base and capabilities”, said Andrew Molson, Chairman of AVENIR GLOBAL. 

The Firm will retain the same leadership team based at the head office in Montreal, and our brands will continue to operate within the same business models, seeking out a best teams approach of discipline and sector experts across the network to best meet the needs of our clients.  

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Posted Wednesday, November 8, 2017

C'est inspirant. Autant le nom que le concept. À l'image de son regretté fondateur. Félicitations et heureuse continuation. Yves Lefebvre

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