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A Proud Finalist for Employee Recommended Workplace Award

Posted Thursday, May 11, 2017

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    Action shots from our Praktice Health challenge!

Focused on continually enhancing its office culture, NATIONAL’s Toronto office participated in a pilot initiative sponsored by The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell to identify Employee Recommended Workplaces, designed to uncover insights into why an employee may or may not be thriving. And we’re proud to share that the Firm has been selected as a finalist for Employee Recommended Workplace, and the winners will be revealed at an award ceremony taking place in Toronto on June 21.

“By evaluating the total health of our Toronto workforce in the four areas contained in the survey – physical, mental, work and life – we were presented with a unique opportunity to determine the engagement level of our team at a moment in time. We were pleased to learn that we qualified to be an Employee Recommended Workplace, and while this recognition is exciting, it inspired our Leadership team to use these insights to introduce new programming to further enhance the wellness of our team,” said Kathy Rammage, Director, Human Resources at NATIONAL’s Toronto office.

“Not surprisingly in an office-based environment, one of the key findings of our results was that our team doesn’t move around a lot in the day” said Áine McKeon, Human Resources Associate. To combat this Aine and colleague Scott Rollins, Human Resources Coordinator, identified a mobile app based on social gamification whose goal is to bring colleagues together to focus on five pillars of health. “We’re currently starting our first challenge and we are pleased that nearly 50% of our office signed up for the program,” she added.

Research shows that more than 80% of the Canadian workforce is disengaged, and lost productivity due to workers’ depression and anxiety costs the Canadian economy almost $50 billion annually. Additionally, more than 20% of all Canadians have a mental health issue, but only one-third ask for help. With these numbers in mind, the smart employer must make it a business imperative to look beyond the factors affecting their employees during the typical 9-5 workday.

“It’s our mindset that it’s not enough to simply consider the salary and health benefits you’re providing a candidate. It goes much deeper than that. You’re hiring a person who can only perform well if all areas of their life are working in tandem,” said Aine.

Although the Employee Recommended Workplace Award ceremony won’t take place until late June, the HR team feels that the outcome is almost secondary. “While it would be nice to win, our more important focus is to continue to enhance our work environment so that we maintain a positive culture. That is the ultimate pay-off,” conclude Kathy.


About the Employee Recommended Workplace Award

The Employee Recommended Workplace Award recognizes excellence in achieving a healthy, engaged and productive workforce. It is the only award of its kind that is based entirely on feedback from employees. Those with strong scores can truly say that they are employee-recommended, and will be entitled to use the Employee Recommended Workplace Award badge in their recruiting and other communication material. This will give a real lift to your recruiting efforts and identify you as an employer of choice.



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