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When Hope is Stronger than Athleticism

Posted Friday, October 12, 2012

Paul Wilson

  • IMG Armstrong

    (Photo Credit: Google images)

In recent weeks, the doping allegations against Lance Armstrong have multiplied and become clearer. But these suspicions and attacks are aimed at the cyclist, not at the incarnation of hope. In a piece published in today’s edition of La Presse, our Montreal colleague Paul Wilson, Partner, explains that despite all the wrongdoing he’s accused of, the cycling icon has managed to develop a strong image that transcends that of the accomplished and decorated athlete.

As the very incarnation of hope and courage, Armstrong should now focus on these known and respected qualities not only to weather the storm, but also and perhaps more importantly to allow his foundation to continue to thrive and support the millions of people it’s been helping since 1997. He has way too much too lose otherwise.

Click here to read Paul’s full article (in French).


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