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The Business Community’s Sentiment on the Outcome of the Federal Election

Posted Friday, October 16, 2015

Dan Mader

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Dan Mader, vice-president at NATIONAL Public Relations’ Ottawa office, was interviewed on the Business News Network to discuss the business community’s current sentiment about the federal election and the issues a new government will need to address. Uncertainty is ramping up over the election of a minority government, which is a strong possibility. First among impacts in this scenario, an election can be called at any time; second, legislation would be difficult to adopt and an Opposition private member’s bill could get passed even if the government doesn’t agree with it. There are three key areas of contention among the parties: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); taxes and deficits; and the energy sector. Dan also outlined some of the implications stemming from this long campaign, including a prolonged bureaucratic process in the energy sector – files have been sitting on ministers’ desks since the summer and they won’t be addressed for another month. This means three months of limbo and a fair amount of anxiety.

Asked to address the TPP, the ambitious recently-signed free trade agreement, and its chances of surviving if the Conservative government is not re-elected, Dan explained that it is a real risk. Thomas Mulcair has been clear that he feels he can get a better deal, although this remains to be seen. As for the Liberals, even though they have not embraced the initiative, he predicts that they will find a way to ratify it as they did with NAFTA (the North American Trade Agreement).

Click here to view the complete BNN interview (there are ads before the clip begins).


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