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The Time for Innovation is Now

Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yvan Loubier

  • The Time for Innovation is Now

For Yvan Loubier, Senior consultant and economist from NATIONAL's Quebec City office, the recession and economic crisis required major investments on behalf of our governments to help weather the storm. As governments around the world are now balancing their checkbooks, we can expect the next round of budgets coming from Ottawa and Quebec to be devised in a spirit of austerity. Restraint, however, should not compromise our capacity to strengthen our economic base. A focal point of this capacity-building is innovation. Last year, Canada ranked 14th out of 17 industrial economies in this regard according to the Conference Board of Canada. Meanwhile, the United States, who already ranked 3rd in this same study, have made it clear they will not give up, making innovation the key to the American strategy of economic redeployment.

We must pursue our efforts in innovation, supporting our sectors of expertise and watching over the emergence of innovating companies in other areas such as energy, environment and transportation. More than ever, we will need to create wealth in order to secure our future. (Full article is in French.)

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