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The Secret to Becoming a Complete Executive

Posted Friday, October 10, 2014

Andrew Molson

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    Andrew Molson, Chairman of RES PUBLICA and inaugural “champion” for the first cohort of EMBA students.

Recently launched at Concordia University, the John Molson School of Business’ new Executive MBA (EMBA) program truly takes management studies to a new level, offering leadership coaching, a health and fitness program for executives, and solid links to the business community.

In an article published in the Globe and Mail’s September 26 edition, Andrew Molson, Chairman of RES PUBLICA and inaugural “champion” for the first cohort of EMBA students, shared his insight and experience on what it takes to be a complete executive. Topping the list of key attributes of a great leader are one’s self-awareness, emotional intelligence and ability to listen.    “I look at a leader as being a servant, a servant-leader”, said Andrew. “In serving an institution, the executive has to really know herself or himself well in order to better serve others. And the only way I can be of better service to others is through understanding my strengths and my weaknesses, and feeling comfortable about who I am and what I’m doing”, he added.

To read the complete Globe and Mail piece, which also features the EMBA’s Director Jordan LeBel, download the PDF document below.



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