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The Respected Philanthropist

Posted Friday, November 07, 2014

Andrew Molson

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    (From left) : Marc Labrie, Major Donors' Circle President; Denis Gélinas, 2014 Centraide Campaign president; Julie Colbert, Centraide Maurice General Manager; Andrew Molson, Chairman of RES PUBLICA; and Jean Boulet, Centraide Chairman (Photo Credit: Daniel Jalbert)

As United Way Centraide’s fundraising campaign is now in full swing across Québec, about 150 business people recently met in Trois-Rivières to attend a luncheon on philanthropy. Featuring our chairman Andrew Molson, the first-time event was organized by Centraide Mauricie to strengthen the organisation’s relationship with the region’s business community.

The regional newspaper Le Nouvelliste published an interesting article about the successful and highly appreciated visit with the event’s guest of honour, who will also co-chair the 2015 Centraide of Greater Montreal fundraising campaign. “Philanthropy is an opportunity for privileged people to give back to society and help improve it. It’s a way to redistribute wealth to the community,” shared Andrew. “It’s also good for the mental health of the person who gives. It creates joy around one’s self and at the same time it’s good for the economy in general“.

To learn more about Andrew’s philanthropic experience and vision, you can download the complete Le Nouvelliste article below (in French).



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