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The New Tiger

Posted Monday, August 08, 2011

Paul Wilson

  • Steve Williams and Tiger Woods

    Steve Williams and Tiger Woods (Photo Credit:

In a recent article published in La Presse, Paul Wilson, Vice-President, Corporate Communications at NATIONAL, explains what the Tiger will have to do to win back the public and sponsors if he wants to reclaim his throne. Among the many major changes ​​in the golfer’s entourage, the most important from a branding point of view is definitely the replacement of his caddy Steve Williams, who had been by his side during all his great – and bad – moments over the past 12 years.

Whether this decision has a real impact or not on the golfer’s career and success, Tiger Woods had to do something dramatic to bring a message of change and convince sponsors and the public that what they have in front of them is a new and improved version of one of the greatest athletes of all times. For now, appearances are more important than the substance. (The article, to download below, is in French.)



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