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The Legacy of the King of PR, Luc Beauregard

Posted Friday, January 30, 2015

Valérie Beauregard

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    A father's legacy.

In view of Luc Beauregard’s induction tonight into the Marketing Hall of Legends, executive vice-president Valérie Beauregard sat down with Marketing’s Sarah Barmak to talk about our late founder’s impact and influence on her career and the PR industry as a whole.

As a child watching her father read the papers at home in the morning and as a professional learning from her mentor at work, Valérie was not only influenced by Luc’s work ethics and business acumen, she was also inspired by the friend, partner and leader that he was as an individual. “Luc never told me what to do; he showed me how to behave, and challenged me to be better,” she says. “He chose to lead by example and did so with amazing consistency”.

Click here to read Valérie’s vibrant testimonial and find out more about the lessons she learned from the man who we will always remember as a true business legend and gentleman.


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