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The Drogba Effect

Posted Monday, August 03, 2015

Paul Wilson

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If his name didn’t ring a bell for many Quebecers until recently, Didier Drogba is now THE summer’s biggest sports – and media – star in Montreal.

As evidenced by the superstar welcome he received from an ecstatic delegation of Montrealers at Trudeau Airport last week, Didier Drogba’s arrival is nothing less than a marketing master stroke for the Montreal Impact. “This acquisition puts the Impact on the international map and demonstrates the seriousness of the organization,” said our colleague and sports marketing expert, Paul Wilson, in an interview broadcasted on sports network TVA Sports. “And it gives a clear signal to other high-caliber players who may want to come play in Montreal in the future.”

To watch Paul’s complete interview (in French) and hear his expert views on the Drogba effect and the many benefits of his arrival in town, click here.


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