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Re-establishing the American Brand

Posted Friday, November 11, 2016

Stéphanie Auclair

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A few hours before Donald Trump won the Presidential race, NATIONAL’s Ronald Alepian was on the set of CP24 to talk about the work that would need to begin in the United States on November 9, no matter who won the oval office. After the nastiest campaign the country has ever experienced, what the U.S. needs to focus on now is rebuilding its reputation on the global stage and re-establishing the American brand.

“It took 200 years to get to the point where democracy in the U.S. was the benchmark around the world, and it took one election cycle to reduce that tremendously,” said Ron. The country suffered considerable reputation damage, and that has an enormous impact on the global stage, whether it be for NATO allies, trade deals, business, immigration, etc.

“Image has played a part in US elections since Kennedy vs Nixon, but never before had reality television gone from ‘who is going to stay on the island’ to ‘who is going to win the oval office’.”

Watch the complete interview and listen to Ron explain why the new president so urgently needs to re-establish the American brand.


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