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People Power: Pushing for Data Excellence in Clinical Trials

Posted Friday, December 06, 2013

Chuck JohnstonCaroline Chin

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    Caroline Chin and Chuck Johnston

The potential benefits of electronic data capture (EDC) in clinical trials are widely known – cleaner data faster, fewer queries and better data quality, in addition to quicker turnarounds and cost savings. However, EDC systems are reportedly an increasing burden to the site staff actually inputting the data.

In the November issue of International Clinical Trials, our AXON colleagues Caroline Chin and Chuck Johnston describe some of the key communication and education strategies to help overcome this challenge. These include feasibility site assessments to understand current practices; making platform adjustments when possible; providing tailored training; and keeping communication lines open on goals and specific site problems in order to support staff in their work. The result leads to greater staff engagement to meet EDC goals and, in turn, to improved data excellence.

Download the PDF below to read the full article.



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