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Online Social Networking: The Next Big Thing in Medical Education?

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shanida Nataraja

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In a piece published on the European Medical Writers Association’s website, Shanida Nataraja, Editorial and Scientific Director at AXON Communications, talks about the influence of online social networking in medical education.

As the number of health-related websites has grown considerably in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that more and more patients are searching for health information on the Internet. As the use of social networking sites increases and people turn to their social networks for advice on their health, medical education professionals have the opportunity to deliver important health information to a primed audience. They can tweet about the importance of early diagnosis in prostate cancer, start a discussion on Facebook to understand the patients’ perspectives on the impact of chemotherapy’s side effects or release news of the regulatory approval of a new treatment. The possibilities are endless and medical communications specialists can’t afford to miss the opportunity to disseminate health information to the growing online community of social networkers. 



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