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Message Control – Analyzing the Sklavounos Case

Posted Friday, February 10, 2017

Julie-Anne Vien

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After the allegations of sexual assault and the ensuing polarized public opinion debate, and finally after the Quebec Crown prosecutor’s office (DPCP) decided not to lay charges, did Montreal MNA Gerry Sklavounos succeed in changing change his image? In a radio interview with Radio-Canada Première’s Catherine Lachaussée, our Quebec City colleague Julie-Anne Vien, Partner at NATIONAL and reputation management expert, answers the question and analyzes Mr. Sklavounos’ first public appearance since October 2016.

With his wife by his side, the MNA clearly wanted to convey a message of support and solidarity. “What he tried to sell us yesterday was the new Gerry, the introspective Gerry who wants to change his behaviour,” said Julie-Anne. “His message was very controlled, well calibrated, refined, with every word deeply weighed to avoid ever incriminating himself.”

Will his charm operation and rehabilitation promises be enough for the court of public opinion to come to the same conclusion as the DPCP?

Listen to Julie-Anne’s insightful analysis (in French).


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