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Maximizing Clinical Trial Success

Posted Friday, June 17, 2016

Jennifer EastabrookDaniella McCrorieShawn Patterson Baker

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Clinical research is integral to the advancement of medical knowledge and health support services. A successful clinical trial is dependent upon a number of integrated factors; however, none may be more important than understanding the wants and needs of those intimately involved in trial implementation.

In order to assess site staff preference, an online survey was developed assessing three areas of trial implementation: training preferences, communication with sponsors, and recruitment and retention initiatives.

In a paper recently published in Applied Clinical Trials, Jennifer M. Eastabrook, Scientific Advisor at AXON CTS, Daniella McCrorie, Director of Digital Health at AXON CTS, Shawn Patterson Baker, Vice- President at AXON CTS, and Ruth Cannata, Project and Site Management at C5 Research, share a detailed account of the results.

 Read the complete piece: Enhanced Site Training, Resources, and Communication.


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