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Madano’s Pathfinder Project and the Death of the Energy Bill

Posted Friday, December 09, 2016

Gareth Morrell

The challenges businesses face are always changing, and we believe that the business and communication strategies to meet these challenges need to be based on fresh, insightful thinking. In the energy sector, our team at Madano, our strategic communications consultancy partner based in London, has been conducting interviews with leading thinkers and technology experts and identified a range of competing trends that are shaping the energy sector and could affect clients’ bottom lines.

With the upcoming launch of Madano Pathfinder, a tool to help businesses plan for the future based on these expert insights, the team will be publishing key findings from its research and holding events with experts through spring 2017. These will focus on three key trends identified from the expert interviews that are set to impact the energy sector.

In this week’s Utility Week, one of the leading energy trade publications in the UK, our colleague Gareth Morrell, Director at Madano, shares the first findings with regards to the falling price of microgeneration and advances in battery technology that are changing the relationship between energy suppliers and customers.

“Much in the same way that Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the model in their sectors, new suppliers could do the same to the energy market,” says Gareth. “To adapt, suppliers will need to acknowledge their consumers are a rapidly changing audience and have a clear strategy in place. If established players do not move quickly, the gaps left will be rapidly filled by start-up companies catering to emerging new models. Whatever happens, these trends point to a fundamental change to the supplier-consumer relationship that has stood for decades. The energy bill as we know it may soon be a thing of the past.”

Find out more about our research’s key findings by reading Gareth’s full piece, The Death of the Energy Bill.


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