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Image Talk – When Justin Does the Cover of Rolling Stone

Posted Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Julie-Anne Vien

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine features none other than Justin Trudeau, and the presence of the Canadian Prime Minister on the cover of such an iconic publication has attracted worldwide attention. Julie-Anne Vien, NATIONAL Partner in Quebec City, discusses the image management strategy of the man whose first name has become a symbol of authenticity and proximity.

“Justin Trudeau is building an important capital of sympathy,” says our colleague. “As I often tell my clients, people who prepare in advance and accumulate “sympathy points” usually have a lot more room for error, and the public will excuse them more easily when difficult times arise.”

Listen to Julie-Anne’s complete interview (in French) to find out what she thinks about the meaning and potential impact of the cover story that is causing quite a stir across Canada, but also in the United States. With a headline as strong as “Why Can’t He Be Our President?”, could the magazine’s editors have wanted to provoke the current POTUS? 


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